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28 July, 2012                                                                                                                         Home Page


1.       The League shall be known as “The Sittingbourne & District Pool League”.

2.       The League Headquarters shall be located at “The Ship Inn, 22 East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 4RT

3.       The aims of The League shall be to promote the game of 8 Ball Pool, to conduct competitions, to support both The Kent County Pool Association and The English Pool Association, and to engage in any business compatible with the achievements of these aims.

4.       The Officers of The League shall comprise of: - Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, General Secretary, Minutes Secretary and Fixtures Secretary. The Office of General Secretary to be rewarded by an Annual Gratuity to be set at The League’s Annual General Meeting. Where the same person is elected to the office of both the General Secretary and Treasurer, then this position shall be known as Financial Secretary

5.       The Officers of The League shall be elected each year at The Annual General Meeting. Only members who have served for a period of 1 (one) year as a member of The League Committee and/or have been a registered player for a period of 3 (three) years may be placed in a position where they are responsible for the handling or collection of League funds.

6.       The League Committee shall comprise the Officers above and up to 15 (fifteen) other persons with no more than 3 (three) representatives from any one team.

7.       The League Committee shall have the power to co-opt any other willing person, and to elect or appoint sub-committees to a particular purpose.

8.       A group of 5 (five) persons of The League Committee which shall include at least 2 (two) of the above Officers shall be required to constitute a quorum.

9.       Committee members are not permitted to vote on the outcome of any complaint or dispute concerning a team they belong to and/or connected with (teams are connected by virtue that they are from the same venue). A Committee member is also not permitted to vote if they are related to any person involved in any complaint or dispute.

10.   A vote may only be taken if a constituted quorum remains after the exclusion from voting of any Committee member(s) under Rule 9.

11.   Honorary Life President(s) and Life Member(s) of The League may be appointed by The League Committee or by The Membership to any member(s) of The League as recognition of their loyal and devoted service to The Sittingbourne & District Pool League.

12.   Membership of The League shall be open to all Public Houses, Clubs and Organisations in the Sittingbourne area with suitable facilities for playing the game of 8 Ball Pool, and are approved by The League membership at The Annual General Meeting.

13.   Each League team and all players shall be required to register each year with The League and will automatically affiliated to The Kent Pool Association and The English Pool Association.

14.   Each Team shall nominate one person each who may attend all General Meetings of The League and vote there at.

15.   Nominees shall be eligible to election to Office or The League Committee.

16.   An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of The League may be called by The League Committee or by the General Secretary on receipt of a written request stating the purpose of the meeting from 2 (two) unconnected teams.

17.   Rules and Constitution of The League may not be altered or added to except by a majority vote taken at a general meeting.

18.   All teams and Players applying for membership of The League shall accept The Rules and The Constitution of The League and those of The K.C.P.A. and The E.P.A.

19.   The Property of The League shall be vested in The League Committee.

20.   All fees and levies shall be set at The Annual General Meeting.

21.   All Business of The League shall be conducted by The League Committee in accordance with the Rules and Constitution.

22.   The League Committee shall have Jurisdiction over all matters affecting The League, if such matters are not specifically provided for in The Rules.

23.   The Accounts of The League shall be produced each year by The Treasurer/Financial Secretary at the Annual General Meeting and shall be independently audited.



To qualify for entry into The Sittingbourne & District Pool League, a Public House, Club or Organisation must have suitable facilities for playing the game of 8 Ball Pool.


The requirements of The League are as follows: -

a.       All venues must be on Licensed Premises

b.      Entry to all venues for the purpose of playing normal league games and league competitions must be free to all League Members.

c.       The Pool Table must be situated in a position so as to give reasonable access for play on all four sides.

d.      A player should be able to play without the hindrance of Wall, Doors, Windows, Furniture or any other such obstruction, with a 3ft 6inch Pool Cue such as is normally supplied with the Pool Table.

e.       The sizes of Pool Tables which will be accepted by The League shall be a standard 6ft x 3ft or standard 7ft x 4ft.

f.        The playing surface must be kept in a reasonable state of repair and be level, so as to avoid and irregular deviation in the motion of a ball.

g.       The Table is to be clearly marked out in accordance with Rule B. (3) on “The World 8 Ball Pool Rules” as laid down by The English Pool Association, (copy Supplied), with a Baulk/String Line and an 8 Ball Spot.

h.       It is preferred that the playing surface be covered in a green baize or other such material of a green colour.

i.         Plain and Stripped Numbered Balls may be used, but RED and YELLOW Balls would be preferred.

j.        A Selection of Cues and a Cue Rest must be available for use by all League members.

k.      The Home Team will pay for the use of The Table for normal League games.

l.         The Home Team will be expected to supply some form of light refreshments (e.g. Sandwiches) to the visiting team at a normal League Match. (The cost of which may be offset by a raffle or other such lottery).

m.     All venues must comply with the above requirements, and Tables will be checked periodically by The League to ensure that they are in reasonable condition and up to the required League standard.




a.       The League shall be open to all Public Houses, Clubs and Organisations in the Sittingbourne area with suitable facilities for the game of 8 Ball Pool, that are approved by The League at The Annual General Meeting.

b.      The League shall be open to both Men and Women over the age of 16 (sixteen) years. Players under the age of 18 (eighteen) years must declare their age and date of birth at the time of registration.

c.       A Venue may enter as many teams as they wish, provided they have adequate facilities.

d.      A Team may Register as many players as they wish, and only Registered Players may play in The League or The League Knock-Out Competitions.

e.       No team may change venue mid way through the season except where the original venue is no longer available or with written permission of the Licensee of the original venue

f.        The Annual Individual Player Registration and Competition Entry Fees will be those, per person, that are set at the Annual General Meeting each year and shown on each years “The Team Player Registration and Competition Entry Forms”. All fees must be in the hands of The League prior to any player playing in a League Match or Knock-Out Competition game. Once 50% of League fixtures have been played, the Registration Fee for all new players to join The League will be half that of the annual fee, per person.

g.       Transfers are permitted Up to the half waypoint of the Season. After this period no player may transfer or play a game for any other team in The League for the remainder of the Winter League Season.

h.       The Transfer Fee (or Re-registration Fee) is the same, per player, as the annual registration fee and is payable to The League prior to a player playing for their new team.

i.         Should any team withdraw or be disqualified from The League, a player can not re-register with an existing team after the half way point (players may still transfer before the half way point



a.       All League matches will be played on Monday Evenings according to The League Fixtures Lists

b.      Postponement of a League Fixture must be notified to The League and the opposing team in writing giving at least 3 (three) days notice. Any Postponement must be played before 28 (twenty eight) days have elapsed from the original match date.

c.       The non-postponing team must give the postponing team 3 (three) dates (no more than 2 in a 7 day period) within the 28 (twenty eight) days period.

d.      Any team failing to give an opposing venue a minimum 24 hours notice of a match postponement or give no notice by just not turning up will be fined a minimum fixed sum by the league.

e.       In order to play a match, a team must field at least 5 (five) players. Failing to do so will result in the loss of the match by a score of 10 (ten) frames to Nil.

f.        Failure to field a full team of 6 (six) or more players for 3 (three) consecutive League games will result in the team being disqualified from The League.

g.       The first frame of the match must start not later than 8-00pm.

h.       Teams will forfeit a frame at 8-00pm and then at 15 (fifteen) minute intervals for delaying the start of a match by their late arrival.

i.         Any team not present by 9-00pm will forfeit the match by a score of 10 (ten) frames to Nil.

j.        A match will consist of 10 (ten) frames made up of 7 (seven) Singles games and 3 (three) Doubles games played in the following order: - 3 Singles; 1 Double, 2 Singles; 1 Double; 2 Singles and 1 Double.

k.      Each frame of a match will be worth 1 (one) frame point to the winning players team, making a total of 10 (ten) frame points per match.

l.         The team scoring the most frame points at the end of the match will be the winners and will score 3 (three) League Points. Should the frame points end in a draw, then each team shall receive 1 (one) League Point.

m.     The team scoring the most League Points in each Division at the end of the season will be The League Division Winners. Should 2 (two) or more teams be level on League Points at the end of the season the League Division shall be decided on frame points ‘for and Against’, however should there still be a ties situation after this, then there will be a ‘Play-off’ between the teams involved to decide Promotion And Relegation Positions.

n.      A Minimum of 2 (two) teams will be promoted and 2 (two) teams relegated per Division depending on the number of entries the following season. (The Committee will decide on the Formation Of The League)


3.      THE TABLE

a.       Before the start of a League Match both Team Captains should check that the table is up to League requirements, as laid down under Rules regarding facilities.

b.      Any faults in the condition of the table must be rectified before the match begins.

c.       Should there be prior knowledge that a table will be unfit or unavailable for the playing of a match, then The League Secretary should be informed and he will arrange for the fixture to be reversed or played at a neutral venue.

d.      The Home Team will pay for the use of the table, except in the event of a re-racked frame or games played at a neutral venue, when each player will pay 50% of the table money each.



a.       Both Team Captains must supply an Official Result Sheet.

b.      Both Team Captains must complete their own Result Sheet.

c.       The Home Teams Captain must enter their teams order of play on the Result Sheet first.

d.      The Away Teams Captain to enter their names against whoever they wish them to play

e.       A player may only play once in the Singles and once in the Doubles.

f.        Order of play may be altered by mutual agreement between Captains

g.       Play must be continuous, and should a player not be present when they are due to play then they will forfeit the frame

h.       All individual frame results must be entered on the result sheet in the Win / Lose column as follows:- W=Win; L=Lose; W/O= Walk Over (i.e. No Opponent).

i.         At the end of the match the final score to be entered on both Result Sheets and be signed by both Captains.

j.        Both team Captains will award points out of 10 (ten) to the opposing team for Sportsmanship and enter them on the Result Sheets in the space provided before sending them in. Should a result sheet be received with the Sporting Team points not filled in, then the opposing team will be awarded 7 (seven) points. Where a team fails to turn up for a fixture their opponents will receive 10 (ten) Sporting Team Points and the offending team 0 (Nil) points.

k.      The Captain of each team will ensure that The Results Sheets are filled in correctly, signed and sent into The League Headquarters or The League Secretary by Friday of the same week as the match fixture.

l.         Any Scoresheets received later than 2 (two) weeks after the original fixture will result in a deduction of 1 (one) point for the offending team. (Not including matches postponed that have been informed to the League Secretary)



a.       Each team is required to appoint a Captain and a Vice Captain.

b.      A Captain has overall responsibility for the conduct of his players and supporters and should encourage them to play in a competitive, friendly and sportsmanlike manner at all times.

c.       A Captain is required to have a thorough Knowledge of League Rules Of Play, and is instrument to the League in the application and observance of all such rules

d.      Captains are responsible for completing the Results Sheet and ensuring that it is sent in to The League on time.

e.       Captains will act as contacts for their team and pass on messages and dates etc. in respect of mutually arranged League knockout games.

f.        In the absence of the Captain the Vice Captain will be responsible.

g.       In recognition of their undertaking of these responsibilities, Captains and Vice Captains are eligible to FREE entry to the annual Captains Knock-Out Competition.



a.       Captains are required to appoint referees, and games will be refereed alternately by both teams, beginning with the Away Side. Toss of coin to decide order of refereeing when is at a neutral venue. Failure to provide a referee is a Breach of Rules and may result in players / teams being fined or deducted points.

b.      All persons appointed to referee should have a through knowledge of the League Rules and The World 8 Ball Pool Rules as approved by The English Pool Association.

c.       A Referees function is to ensure that games are played in a friendly and competitive spirit and in accordance with The Rules Of Play and to adjudicate in matters of opinion or rules in a honest, neutral and unbiased manner at all times.

d.      A Referees decision will be final, if made honestly and in accordance with The Rules.

e.       A game must be refereed in accordance with The World 8 Ball Pool Rules, as advised by The League.

f.        A Referee is required to give full attention to the game at all times and to be in such a position so as to have a clear view of the table and the player whilst taking their shot.

g.       If for any reason a Referee clearly misses a foul shot, he should note any observations made by others and consult with both players and both Captains before giving a decision.

h.       Only the player(s) involved in a frame may request the Referee to advise them on Rules during a frame. Players are not permitted to consult with any other person other than the referee on points of rule during a frame.

i.         In the Singles a player may not receive advice on play from anyone, and if is given advice by request or otherwise it can be deemed as coaching.

j.        In the Doubles, partners may consult with one another between breaks, but no consultation or advice between partners is permitted once a player is in control (see C. (9) Under Rules of Play).

k.      If any illegal coaching is attempted, then the Referee should instruct the offending person or persons to stop, and if ignored then the frame be abandoned or other action taken as the referee feels is appropriate under Rule K. (12) of Rules of Play.

l.         Due to the limited time available for playing a League Match, Referees should not permit players to take excessive time in deliberating a shot or in conferring with their partner. If this occurs, then the player(s) should be cautioned for time wasting, and if the offence is repeated the frame may be awarded to the opposing side.

m.     If for any reason a match is not completed on the night, then the game(s) remaining must be played within 14 (fourteen) days by a mutual arrangement between the two captains and in agreement with the Landlord of the venue. The remaining games must be played by the players originally entered on the Result Sheet on the night of the original fixture.

n.      The League Secretary must be informed of any fixture not played or completed on the night.

o.      All League Rules and Rules of Play etc., must be available for reference at all times during a League Match or Competition.

p.      Should any situation or point of Rule not be clear or covered by The World 8 Ball Pool Rules or The English Pool Referees Association Guide for Referees, then the points in question should be brought to the attention of The League Secretary, and he will write to The E.P.R.A. for clarification.

q.      Any breach of these League Rules will render a team or player liable to a fine and/or a deduction of points at the discretion of The League Committee.



a.       Players under the age of 18 years must declare their age and their date of birth on the Registration Form

b.      A list of under age players will be sent to all venues in The League.

c.      It is the visiting Captains responsibility to inform the licence or his staff that under age players are present in the team and to point them out if required to do so.

d.      It is the visiting Captains responsibility to ensure that no alcoholic drinks are purchased for members of the team who are under 18 years of age.



a.       When not refereeing a game the opposing teams Captain should appoint an observer in case of any disputes or objections regarding Refereeing and Rules.

b.      Any disputes arising on points of judgement or rule should be resolved by the two Captains in mutual agreement. An amicable discussion on any dispute by the Captains and the Referee together with consultation of The Rules of Play and the Guide for Referees should produce a solution.

c.       In the event of no solution being agreed upon by the Captains, the frame, (not the match), should be abandoned and an Official Objection made to The League.

d.      Objections must be made in writing within 7 (seven) days of the match date.

e.       It will be necessary for both teams Captains and the referee and any players involved in the dispute to attend a League Committee Meeting where the objection will be discussed and a decision made.

f.        All objections will be adjudged and settled by The League Committee and their decision will be final and binding in all respects.

g.       No player may object or claim a game as a result of being barred for misconduct, or any other reason, from any venue in The League.


In accordance with The Constitution of The Sittingbourne And District Pool League the following Knock-Out Competitions will be conducted annually.











A.     League Knock-out Competitions are open to members of The League who have paid the Annual Registration Fee prior to the First Round Draw being made.

B.     No entries will accepted once the First Round Draw has been made.

C.     Entry Fees for Knock-Out Competitions will be set at the A.G.M.

D.     All Entry Fees must be paid into The League prior to the First Round Draw being made

E.      All draws for opponents, dates for play and selection of venues will be made by The League Committee.

F.      In the interest of Competitive Spirit and Sportsmanship, The League Committee will make every effort and endeavour to see that Knock-Out Competitions are played to a completion, and it is excepted that all Members of The League shall comply likewise.

G.     All Semi Finals and Finals Nights Dates and Venues shall be agreed at the beginning of the season and failure to attend shall forfeit the match.

H.     Trophies will be awarded to the Winners and Runners-up in all of the Knock-Out Competitions above. There will also be Trophies for the losing Semi Finalists in The Mens Singles Competition.

I.        Perpetual Trophies will be awarded to the winners of all Knock-Out Competitions.

J.       Perpetual Trophies may be held for one year and must be kept at the venue of the team or player(s) that won them.

K.    Should a Player / Team win the Perpetual Trophy for 5 (five) successive occasions then that Player / Team may keep the Perpetual Trophy Permanently.



a.       The Team Knock-Out Competition shall be the best of 9 (nine) frames comprising of 6 (six) Singles and 3 (three) Doubles to be played in the following order:-


2 Singles, 1 Doubles, 2 Singles, 1 Doubles, 2 Singles, and 1 Doubles


b.      All games played in The Team Knock-Out Competition shall be played at a neutral venue.

c.       The first drawn team shall be deemed the “Home” Team for the purpose of entering names on the Result Sheet and for Refereeing.

d.      Any team failing to turn up in the 1st Round of the Team Knock-out will not be entered into the Plate Knock-out



a.       Early Rounds of the Singles and Doubles Knock-Out Competition will be best of 5 (five) frames, all mutually agreed matches onwards will be the best of 7 (seven) frames, except the final of the Singles, which will be best of 9 (nine) frames.

b.      In Order to constitute a Doubles Partnership both players must be registered to play for the same venue.

c.       Substitutes are permitted in the Singles and Doubles providing that none of the players (either the substitute(s) or players(s) being substituted) have played in a previous round.



a.       The Ladies Knock-Out Competition is open to all Lady Members of The League who have paid their annual registration fee.

b.      All Rounds of the Ladies Knock-Out will be best of 7 (seven) frames.



a.       The Captains Knock-Out Competition is open, and entry will be FREE, to both the Captain and the Vice Captain of each team in recognition of their undertaking of responsibilities for the conduct of their team.

b.      Early Rounds of the Captains Knock-Out will be best of 5 (five) frames, all mutually agreed matches onwards will be the best on 7 (seven) frames.



a.       The Mixed Doubles Knock-Out Competition is open to all Member of The League who have registered and paid their annual registration fee.

b.      In Order to constitute a Mixed Doubles Partnership both players must be registered to play for the same venue.

c.       All Rounds of the Mixed Doubles Knock-Out will be best of 7 (seven) frames.



a.       The Landlords Knock-Out Competition is open to the Landlord, Manager or Chief Steward of each venue. (One Entry Only from each venue).

b.      All Rounds of the Landlords Knock-Out will be best of 7 (seven) frames.



a.       In The Knock-Out Competitions draws will be made for opponents in each round of the competition.

b.      Venues for all Knock-Out Competitions will be selected by means of a draw if possible and will be neutral to both players and teams. The Venue For The Semi Finals and Finals will be at a venue set by the Committee at the Start Of The Season.

c.       Dates for the Semi Finals and Finals will be set by the Committee at the start of the season and will be played on these dates (Time permitting)

d.      Where two players or teams from the same venue are drawn to play one another they will be permitted to play at their Home venue.

e.       At The Leagues Committee’s discretion rounds in Knock-Out Competition games will be played on set dates (normally on a Monday) or will be played by mutual arrangement by a closing set date.

f.        Where a Competition has been arranged to be played on a set date the venue may not be changed.

g.       Where Competitions have been arranged to be played by mutual arrangement between players, the venue may be changed on agreement between the players involved provided the proposed venue has been informed and the Licensee has given permission.

h.       Where Competitions have been arranged to be played on a set date they may not be postponed; they can however be played in advance of the set date by mutual agreement between the players involved, provided that the match is played at the set venue and The League has been informed.

i.         Where games are to be played by mutual arrangement between players then it is the responsibility of the “AWAY” or “SECONDED NAMED PLAYER(S)” to contact their opponent(s), either directly or through the Captain of the opponent(s) team giving at least 3 (three) dates (not more then 2 in a 7 day period) on which the game may be played.

j.        The “HOME” or “FIRST NAMED PLAYER(S)” on receipt of the dates will contact their opponent(s) either directly or through the Captain of their opponents team accepting one of the dates given.

k.      It is the responsibility of the WINNER of each round of a Knock-Out Competition to inform The League of the result.

l.        If no result is received into The League then a “BYE” will go through to the next round of the Competition.

m.    Any player who plays a game in the Team Knock-Out Competition and then transfers to another team shall be considered “CUP-TIED” and will not be permitted to play for their new team in any further round of The Team Knock-Out Competition.